Voters’ Pamphlet

Holly Zhang, 45 years old, youthful and energetic, is a successful Bellevue businesswoman. She has a proven track record of community involvement by investing her time, energy and leadership into building a successful business that has provided job opportunities and contributed to Bellevue’s economy. Additionally, Holly has led numerous charity events for many years which have benefited hospitals statewide.

Holly brings fresh ideas to reboot Bellevue:

  1. Two term limit on Council Members: inhibit the opportunity for corruption.
  2. Traffic congestion: replace large buses in the city with smaller buses, increase the frequency on some routes, and go into neighborhoods.
  3. Families: Seek solutions to daycare for 6 month – 3 year olds, liaise with local school boards to provide before and after school programs.
  4. Fiscal responsibility: Transparency for all spending programs.
  5. Crime prevention: Focus on police synergy with neighboring cities.

Holly overcame poverty and adversity as a young girl in rural China. She and her husband have a daughter who turns 2 in September. “Teaching good values to my daughter, and providing a good future for all the children of Bellevue, are priorities for me,” Holly says. As a beneficiary of the American dream, she knows that is important to ensure all Bellevue residents have the support necessary to lead productive lives in a safe environment.

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